Always be on time.

Add an address to any appointment. Get a predictive drive time so you know exactly when to leave. Magneto monitors traffic for you and if things change, you’ll get notified.

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Integrated smart to-dos

Magneto recommends relevant to-dos based on who you’ll meet and where you’ll be. Make time to do your to-dos by dragging them right into your calendar. Get nagged if you don’t do them.

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Access anywhere.

A full web calendar. Apps for iPhone and iPad. Browser add-on for Chrome and Firefox—grabs rich meeting data from webpages and adds them as meetings or to-dos in a single click.

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And much more...

  • Automatic mileage expense reporting
  • Protect personal time on your work calendar
  • Built-in scheduling
  • Grab meeting info from webpages


Cloud-based sync with Google and Office365 calendars. Other versions of Exchange are experimental. More…


4.7 stars on the App Store. Android coming soon; use drive times anyway. More…


5 stars on the Chrome Web Store.
5 stars on the Firefox Extension Store.

“[Magneto’s] solution might be one of the most elegant I’ve seen so far.”

Techcrunch Feb 2014

“…a promising new calendar program…”

New York Times Bits Blog Feb 2014

“…a smart, Google Now-like calendar.”

Lifehacker May 2014